Why do we let money control us?

As you may have already known. Money plays a crucial part in 21st century life. There is no greater accomplishment than to acquire more then enough money. Someone with money is at the top of every aspect of our social ladder. No matter what they might say, do, or think. They are the gods of us living mortals until they are replaced by a wealthier man. Why has this become what it has become? What are we to make of it? Should we try and change it? In time your questions shall be answered.

Let’s take a look back in time. Even back in the olden days there was always something that made a specific person or group of people “more important” than the others. Maybe it might have been who had the most food, the heaviest, the best looking, the better looking wife, and you could even say who had the better looking pimple. It is in human nature to differentiate ourselves from the others. We might do this positively by expressing our feelings in a certain craft. Which includes painting, hunting, sports, science, literature, and others.Image result for stone ageI myself have created this blog to differentiate myself from the masses. There is also a negative way to differentiate yourself. This is by pointing out someone else’s flaws and using them to let all the light fall on you. As unhappy as I am to say this, humans are the least willing to change and adapt. Humans would rather destroy their own brethren than to accept and move past their differences. Money has a way by bringing this bad side out in people. The wealthier try to make themselves seem different, more important, than the common folk. This can lead to catastrophic effects. Since power has been known to a be a childhood friend of money.


Humans are greedy. That is a fact, no matter what you say, how you try to argue it. Humans are greedy! We have all been that one guy in the grocery store who goes and gets Image result for greedone sample and then comes back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths No matter what you have to say we are greedy. That is why we are drawn to money, because with money comes the false promises of safety and love. This force that draws us to money also draws us towards people with large amounts of wealth, because we feel as though they will quench our greedy throats. This leads to a battle to win their favor, whether that be by supporting their decisions, creating a shrine, or trying to slide into their DMs every other day. This need to win their favor can lead perfectly fine human beings to doing the unthinkable. It has led people to abandon their values and principles in seek of this materialistic satin, money. We don’t see people, we see what they have in their pockets.


Image result for greed comic
The way our world works today is shown in this comic.


Money is a mysterious thing, and will we ever know how it works? Just make sure that you take the time to understand a person. Instead of making judgements based on money all willy nilly. Money can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a wrong man, but if wielded correctly you can forge new alliances. Take my advice and you might be able to be as great as me.

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