Education… why bother?

We’ve all come to that point where we feel as though education is more of a burden than a gift. Many people see this as a first-world problem, and it is a because education is so hard to come across in third world countries. Should we take our education for granted? All will be answered shortly.

When you picture education, tons of homework, nasty teachers, and long grueling days are what usually come up first in your mind. These things are all the cons of education. They might seem largely more important than the pros of education, but in reality they aren’t. Education is a hard thing to come across for much of the youth across the planet. Many of us are lucky for public schools, because without them we to would not have the knowledge we have today Many kids in third-world countries can’t afford to buy the pencils that we so often take for granted. You can find one in the back of your backpack, inside the couch, and even under your mattress. Our mentality today, makes it more easy for us to forget the hardships that other people face, just because we cannot see them. Hundreds and maybe even thousands of miles away, there are people who instead of spending 7 hours at school, spend those 7 hours fetching water from a far away river. If they had the education many of us are getting they could decrease their chances of being unemployed in the future. This would in turn make life better for their children and their children’s children and so forth. Sadly, most of the kids across the planet don’t get this schooling and probably never will. So feel lucky, because you have secured a role in the future all because you were taught addition in 1st grade.

Have you ever kept your mouth shut around the “smart ones” or “the intelligent ones.” Well consider doing that everyday of your life. That is what happens to the unfortunate people who have not received an education. They must keep their heads down and follow the orders and take the BS of the “smart ones”. Having an education really does open new doors. The chance of getting a job increases, the chance of your kids increases, an even the chance of your grandchildren getting a job increases. If everyone was able to receive an education we would be a able to hear the opinions of all people. Regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, or wealth. This would level the playing field and allow us to hear the voices of the oppressed. The people that never had the opportunity to speak up now have a voice in our growing world.

Money drives our world. Money is simply a game,Image result for stylish monoply it requires intelligence, patience, and a good deal of luck. The ones we can control are smarts and patience. However, these days it seems that we might not be able to control intelligence. For example, there are two players playing a chess. One of the players is an impatient 5 year old that just started school. The other player is a patient middle aged man who has finished school and is supporting a family. Who do you think will win? I’m guessing and hoping that you said the patient middle aged man, and most people will say the patient middle aged man. The reason being is that they feel more confident placing their bets on someone who has the THREE CHARACTERISTICS that I mentioned earlier. Does it still not makes sense? I’ll try this, was Rome built single handedly? I think not. It is also exactly the same thing when it comes to business. To either start your own business or expand your business you need an investor, someone who is willing to help you along. This investor needs to find confidence in placing a LARGE sum of money in your name. Most investors prefer investing on someone who has the THREE CHARACTERISTICS. I’m not trying to impersonate Tai Lopez, but take my word education and money go hand in hand. There might be a few odd billionaires or millionaires who dropped out of college, but if you want to play it safe take my word EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION!

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