What makes you different?

I had a thought while I was going to school. I remember stepping into the car, my left leg and then following through with my left leg. As we were driving on Cardinal Rd, I saw these new houses being built. At that exact moment my mind thought something that would be frowned upon in todays society. I quote my thought, “I wonder how these white people are always able to flock together to create a white neighborhood.” I know many of you are frowning at me, maybe even emotions that go beyond that, but what I want you to understand that biases, stereotypes, and prejudice are all natural reactions to a stimulus in the environment. IT’S 100% NATURAL, after hearing what I have to say you will see these controversial terms in a new light.

Imagine you are a caveman living with your family. You love these fellow beings more than you could possibly communicate. You see a creature in the distance that has orange and black coloring with cat like features. You can tell it is running towards your cave that has your family in it. You also have a primitive bow and arrow near your feet. Would you pick up the bow and arrow and assume it’s a predator and kill it, or would you let the creature run down there and see what it does. If you didn’t choose the first one then I am seriously considering your humanity. The fact that you assumed that the creature was out to hurt your family is not necessarily bad, but I doubt the creature would agree with me. If this was a real life situation you might mourn the creatures death depending on what type of person you are, but you would certainly be relieved due to the fact that you thought you averted a crisis.

When you openly show someone your biases, prejudices, and stereotypes this is when people’s feelings are hurt. Again, I am not saying that these three topics are necessarily wrong, but it is better to keep these things to yourself. For example, would you act differently around a black man and a white man. Most of you would act differently whether it be flaunting your wealth, keeping your distance, gossip, even small things such as staring could show your prejudice, stereotypes, and biases. This again will hurt someone morally and it should also hurt you knowing that you hurt another person.

Just be careful about what you say to others, because by treating people with fairness and equality you can show your love and appreciation. And just maybe you might make a new friend.

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